Ricky I Soerapoetra

PADI MSDT Instructor 315459 
EFR Instructor
EAN Instructor
PADI Poseidon Rebreather Instructor 
Disaster Management Instructor
Underwater Photo & Videography Instructor

Between his busy days managing his own-business, the young entrepreneur with plenty of business ideas has decided to be a diving instructor. His easy-going and happy style makes your learning athmosphere a lot more fun and exciting. He started diving in 1999 and a professional PADI diver in 2010. He has logged more than 1000 dives. Colo (Ricky’s nickname) is an instructor that fits you.

In addition, Ricky cares a lot about ocean and aquatic life. He is chief of Indonesian Diver Society (locally called MASI). He holds a key role in Humanitarian and Environmental Action due to various experience and certificates or diplomas he gained from educational and training institutions both formal and informal ones.